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And welcome to the FRETLESS ZITHERS page at PickAway.Press, formerly FretlessZithers.com. The purpose of this site is simply to familiarize people with fretless zithers, with the hope that this exposure to them will inspire some to play them. Inside you'll find resources such as an extensive photo gallery of instruments, complete guides to stringing, sound clips, and a bit of information concerning the restoration of fretless zithers, a branch of the site I hope to expand upon in the future.

This site began on a small free host and soon outgrew it. It continued to overflow, consuming more such hosts. I finally decided it was time to centralize, and FretlessZithers.com was born. Veterans of the old site will appreciate the new functionality, easier navigability, and absence of pop-up ads.

So, come on in and check out the site. Happy browsing.