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semi-cylindrical ukelin

The semi-cylindrical ukelin is a very unusual form which offers some interesting melody functionality, particularly in regard to allowing the bow to execute glissando passages. This page shows how it works.


closed, side view

The semi-cylindrical part of the instrument accommodates the melody section. Here it is shown in at rest/closed/storage position.


open, side view

The part of the instrument that accommodates the accompaniment section resembles a rectangular ukelin and serves as a base. The semi-cylindrical melody section is hinged to the base at one end. To ready the instrument for playing, the wing nut on the side is loosened, the entire melody section is raised, and the nut tightened, locking it in the raised position. The reason for this feature is to allow for bow clearance when playing the strings nearest the bottom.


open, playing position

Here is the view from playing position. The player bows the melody strings at a point near the end facing the camera.

open, opposite player end

Here is the view from the other end with the melody section raised.

end views, closed

And here are the end views with the melody section closed.