Track list

1. Jolly Old Soul
2. C&A Breakdown
3. Orphan Left Alone
4. Lucian Smith
5. Take Warning, Young Ladies
6. Liza Jane
7. Pride of America
8. Shoe Cobbler
9. Turnip Patch
10. Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done
11. Molly Bond
12. Yellow Jacket
13. Walking Out One Morning
14. John Dye
15. Across the Plains of Illinois
16. Gallatin Special
17. Only a Miner
18. I Went Down to New Orleans


Pride of America

We're happy to announce the first release of our performances of traditional music primarily from downstate Illinois, Pride of America.

Follow the links above to view various details particular to our recording, including the instruments and tunings used and lyrics to all of the songs.

The sources of our music are of particular importance to us, as most were local to us and many were our friends. We've provided a couple of fun and interesting ways to browse information about them.