Who and where does our music come from? Primarily, our music comes to us by way of folks from downstate Illinois, but some is from the surrounding area, and there is even one number on our CD which has no downstate Illinois connection at all.

The fiddling Hamblens

The title track of our CD comes from David Hamblen (1809-1893). He was born in Virginia and in 1857 moved to Brown County, Indiana (which borders the county where Garry and Abby both live, to the east.)

At different times throughout the late 1800s, he lived in Shelby County, Illinois (which borders Garry and Gena's home county, to the west.) His son Williamson was also a fiddler and at times lived in Shelby and Douglas County, Illinois (the latter of which borders Garry and Gena's home county, to the north.)

Unfortunately, we missed knowing them by a century or so, but Williamson's son, A.P. Hamblen, left behind a treasure trove of information about his grandfather and father, including transcriptions of about 40 of their fiddle pieces and documentation concerning the highly interesting "2-point" fiddles built by Williamson. Click here for information on the fiddling Hamblens of Brown County.

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