Tunings used on Pride of America CD

Many find tunings info useful, so below are all the details of those used for the CD.

All tunings are given reading the strings left-to-right*.

The bass (EADG) and mandolin (GG DD AA EE) are tuned in their standard tunings only.

The plains dulcimer is strung in three unison pairs, tuned BB EE BB.
Guitar string/fret equivalents: A2 D2 B0 (each x2, of course.)

* with the instrument strung in what is regarded as right-handed configuration,
- facing the instrument's front, and
- with its neck pointing skyward.

The guitars are tuned in standard tuning only (EADGBE).

A capo is used on some numbers. It is always on the 2nd fret and either covers all of the strings (C2) or is situated so it covers all except the low E string (P2). For numbers where no capo is used, S/0 indicates this.

The fiddles are tuned to the same tuning on all tracks where both play.
They employ two tunings: GDAE (REG) and AEAE (CROSS).

Banjo and fiddle tunings and guitar capo info are given individually by track below.

Track Key Gtr., Andy Gtr., Gena Fiddles Banjo
1. Jolly Old Soul A C2 --- CROSS aEAC#E
2. C&A Breakdown C/A S/0 --- REG eEADE
3. Orphan Left Alone A C2 --- REG (solo) aEAC#E
4. Lucian Smith D S/0 --- REG aDADE
5. Take Warning, Young Ladies A S/0 --- REG aEADE
6. Liza Jane A P2 --- CROSS aEAC#E
7. Pride of America Am S/0 --- REG aEADE
8. Shoe Cobbler E S/0 --- --- eBEAB
9. Turnip Patch A C2 --- CROSS aEAC#E
10. Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done A S/0 --- CROSS aEAC#E
11. Molly Bond C S/0 --- REG (solo) gCGCD
12. Yellow Jacket A P2 --- CROSS aEAC#E
13. Walking Out One Morning A P2 --- CROSS aEAC#E
14. John Dye D S/0 --- REG aDADE
15. Across the Plains of Illinois D S/0 C2 --- aDADE
16. Gallatin Special G S/0 --- REG gDGDE
17. Only a Miner G S/0 --- REG ---
18. I Went Down to New Orleans A S/0 --- CROSS aEADE